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Why the GF 9?
The German Health and Safety Inspectorate have monitored both the design and construction of the GF 9. Therefore, unlike other jibs currently in use the GF 9 jib is CE certificated This means that it meets all current EC regulations regarding camera jibs. Most jibs on the market use a three wheeled tripod as a base. The tripod being held in position purely by friction fittings. The GF 9 uses a fixed column bolted onto a four wheel (four wheel steering) dolly as a base. This makes the GF 9 jib safer to operate and more easy to manoeuvre. Unlike other jibs in use, the GF 9 uses supporting rods rather than cables. This makes it stronger and less liable to ‘whip’ than other jibs.
Who makes the GF 9 Jib?
Grip Factory Munich (GFM). Based in Munich Germany they have been involved in Camera Cranes for nearly twenty years. GFM Cranes and Support Equipment have been used on films such as Casino Royal, King Kong and the DaVinci Code. Their cranes vary in length from 3ft to 50ft. Some are made as ‘ride on’ machines. That is, the cameraman and focus puller sit on the front as opposed to the camera being remotely operated. All of the equipment they manufacture is EC certificated and safety tested. For more information on the company please visit
Why the Gator?
Five feet wide, nine feet long, six wheels and four wheel drive. Need we say more? A more sturdy mobile platform than a ‘quad’ and less damaging to terrain than a Landrover. Its dimensions allow for a Jib to be operated in a full 360 degree arc around the vehicle. ‘Low pressure, high floatation tyres’ ensure that the ground over which we are moving is not damaged. That is why the GF 9 and Gator combination are so popular on the European Golf Tour. The Gator is also road registered.
How is the GF 9 Jib attached to the Gator?
The GF 9 is attached to the Gator on a purpose built column and leveller made by ‘Ronford Baker’ – Academy Award Winning manufacturers of camera support systems.
How is the GF 9 Jib controlled?
The Jib is physically swung and the head is remotely operated by one man. However at Jibs in Motion, for ‘health and safety’ reasons, we always provide a two man crew.
Which cameras can be used on the GF 9 Jib?
We have had most professional video cameras (including high def) mounted onto our GF9 Jib. We have also worked with 16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm film cameras.
How long does it take to rig the GF 9 Jib?
From the back of the van: about 60 minutes.
Do you ‘dry hire’ your Jibs ?
Our Jibs are available for dry hire. BUT – only with one of our assistants and is also dependent on the ‘client’ and the ‘Jib Operator’.

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